Frequently asked question

Translation Basics

Yes, we do work with native speakers who have expertise in different industries. You will receive quality translated content that has been completed by a native speaker of the target language.

The cost of professional  translation services differs according to the word count, language pair, and turnaround. Submit “Request a Quote” form on our website to get a free quotation for your project.

Yes we are available on Skype, Zoom, Hangouts, WhatsApp and other instant messaging applications that are commonly in practice.

We have 250+ specialized translaotrs working with all industries. We will choose a native translator that will be expert in your project. 

Yes. Confidentiality is our top priority. Maintaining the confidentiality of our client’s data is of utmost priority to us. We use the latest technology, strict non-disclosure agreements and conduct regular audits to ensure confidentiality and data security. All our staff, our professionals, and linguists have signed comprehensive confidentiality agreements or non-disclosure agreements.

What are translation benefits?

  • When it comes to weekly readership worldwide, the United States ranks 22nd. What does that mean for English-speaking authors? Your book has even more potential than you thought.
  • Book translation allows you to reach a wider audience.
  • It makes your book accessible to readers who may not understand the original language.
  • By making your books available in languages beyond your native language, your books can be sold globally in a large market. This helps generate more income, improve search rankings, and introduce your work to an international audience.
  • By investing in book translation, authors can tap into new markets(Spainish, German, Italian, French etc.), and create additional revenue streams.
  • By translating a book into multiple languages, authors can substantially increase their chances of achieving global success.
  • Translating your book can enhance your reputation as an author.
  • Gaining recognition on an international scale can boost your career and literary impact.

Questions About Your Order

Yes, we provide proofreading services for books. These are offered by our native editors and proofreaders.

The time taken to translate the documents depends on the word counts, document complexity, and required language(s).

Quality translation is the fundamental reason for our existence. Right mix of translators, relevant tools can be bring 100% accuracy. We believe in using Subject Matter Experts ( SME’s) in place of translators for domain specific translation. e.g if you have an self help book for translation, we use translators who already have self help book translation experience or background in self help category.

We translate almost all languages. 

Yes, we do provide discounts if a client get more than 1 language translations.